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CD cover design
As a musician and graphic designer, something I like to do very much is doing CD covers and booklets.
It is always a joy to be in some way a part of someone else's creation.
A CD cover is an important type of packaging. I feel it should intrigue to potential listener and intrigue and invite him to pick up your CD, even if he/she has never heard about you.

Of course I also did all the cover art for my own music projects, but these you can see at the music pages. This page only covers the artwork I did for other musicians.

If you are a musician looking for original affordable but professional cover art design do not hesitate to contact me.

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The first cover I ever did was an airbrush painting for the Belgian metal band "Mystery".
On the day of my marriage I went to deliver the artwork to the studio with band singer Peter De Wint. Later that day he arranged a white Corvette for us and he acted as chauffeur to drive us to our wedding. This painting and cover will always remember me of this lovely and unforgettable day in the summer of 1990. A month later our daughter Toyah was born. Not the typical wedding you might say...
The CD was released in several parts of the world. I did some concept art for the follow up cd, but a second cd was never released and the band split.
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William Souffreau
I did the artwork for some of the solo CD's of my brother-in-law William Souffreau (Irish Coffee).
Some of the concepts were made by artist Luc De Blok, and I did the execution of the artwork.
William is a great musician, check out his music at his website.
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Mindmovie • An Ocean Of Dreams
I was very honoured to do the album cover design for my dear friend Achim Wierschem (Mindmovie) from Düsseldorf (Germany).
The front cover is a combination of a photograph taken by Mark Orr and illustration by me to create a dreamy fantasy atmosphere.
The photo’s for the booklet were taken by myself, Mark Orr, Maria Wierschem and Markus Wierschem.
A remixed version of “Just The Thought Of You”, one of the pieces of “Dreams Are Buried Here...” is also on this cd. I play the piano on this track and I was co-composer.
Mindmovie also collaborated on my On The Wind and "Songs of Love and Loss" projects, and I was happy I could return the favor by helping him out with the artwork for his first solo CD.
The music as well as the cover art has been very well received by the critics and the audience.
The album is available from the Flaming Bess website and on iTunes.
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Mindmovie • Happiness and Tears
In the end of 2010 Mindmovie releases his second double CD and it was a great experience for me to do the design and illustration for the artwork again.
In this design I focused on the duality between "Happiness" and "Tears" and how one can not exist without the other, just like an object and its reflection in the water.
Another aspect of my design is how this image of landscape and its reflection in the water is similar to a soundwave.
Just like in "An Ocean Of Dreams" I also used the similarity beween landscape elements (like the railroad, the bridge in Düsseldorf, Achim's hometown) and the strings and neck of a guitar.

One of the tracks on the CD is the instrumental version of my song "On The Wind", created by Mindmovie and Blue Planet as a part of the "On The Wind Around The World" project.
The album is available from the Flaming Bess website.
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Time Passion Project • Looking Forward, Looking Back
The driving force behind this project is Henning Backhaus (Blue Planet), well known by people who visited my music pages and more in particular, the On The Wind project.
This studioproject contains a mix of orginal new compositions and covers of well known songs like a Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum), Fields Of Gold (Sting), High Hopes (Pink Floyd).
You can listen to some tracks and buy the album at Blue Planet's website.
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Geert Amant • Indigo
Geert is a dear friend who I know since my teenage years. We grew up in the same city (Aalst) and we graduated both as social workers in 1982. He ended up as a drama teacher/director and musician, so we both never did the job we studied for...
When he asked me if I would like to do the artwork for his latest CD, I was looking for a way to show who Geert really is for me.
Everyone who knows Geert well, knows that he is very fond of his house "Maison Callas" in the french Ardèche.
In the neighborhood there is a rock we call the "hawk-rock", a lone over-hanging rock.
Knowing that he is also fascinated by the native indian life, I depicted him as an indian sitting on this rock in a peaceful solitude.
This contemplating image really shows the essence of Geert to me...
The cover picture is composed of 3 different photo's: Geert, the hawk-rock and a misty Ardèche landscape. I used a bit of Hollywood style creativity and imagination to create a much more dramatic image...
I encourage you to explore the beautiful mix of Flemish, French and English songs on this CD, and also his previous work with my all time favorite song of his "Fevrier".
You can listen to his music on MySpace.

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Amethyste - Deliverance
I first heard the beautiful soprano voice of Amethyste on MySpace and through the social network we got to know each other and became friends.
Some time ago she was so kind to record the all the vocal parts for "Relics XIII - Voices" for my Relics project.
I was more than happy and honored to return the favor and design her latest album "Deliverance".
When listening to her delicate voice and music, I got the image in my mind of a dandelion delivering its seeds to the wind. This simple and striking image was so right for Amey delivering her songs to the world...
You can listen to her music on MySpace and Soundcloud.
CD's are available at CD Baby.
Amethyste is also on Facebook.

The dandelions were done with a Photoshop brush by Obsidian Dawn.

Mindmovie • Frames Of Time
Digital cover painting for the upcoming third solo album of Mindmovie.
Expected release in fall 2012.

Click the image below to open an alternative larger poster version.
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