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Arbrush and custom painting

From around 1985 until the mid 90’s I did a lot of custom airbrush painting on cars, trucks, motorbikes, leather jackets, T-shirts, etc... I also attended many custom car shows where I did live presentations and I won several awards with my work.
My work also got published in several magazines and newspapers.

In the portfolio you can see some works and also some pictures from a live show where I was painting a tiger on a T-shirt.
Custom painting is often commissioned work and often people let me do my own designs and artwork but sometimes they had specific requests like painting their favourite album cover on their bike.

The Sketch T-shirt designs were based on sketches I made from a model (I did live model sketching in the art academy every weekend in that time) and I then transferred these sketches into a 4 colour design that I could airbrush onto T-shirts.

In the very beginning of my career I started as an airbrusher, doing signs and custom paint on cars, motorbikes, helmets, jackets and T-shirts.

About ten years ago I stopped with this kind of work because I had my hands full with my commercial and disney artwork, and it became impossible to combine this.