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Commercial illustration & graphic design

I worked for several years at Trias (Antwerp) as an airbrush illustrator and photo retoucher. This was all done by hand with the airbrush, paintbrushes in watercolour, acryl, gouache,...
This was before the computer era and I did quite complicated realistic illustrations in those days. Even airbrushing a gradiënt in 3 pantone colours could take a few hours to do it perfect, something that is now done in seconds on the computer...
Photo-retouching was done through etching, airbrushing, painting with photo inks and gouache.
A lot of this work has now moved from traditional illustration to the computer. Some of the illustrations you will see in the portfolio would now be done by 3D artists...
Although I did dozens of illustrations over that period, I have not much left to show. Very often there were tight deadlines and the painting was rushed to the client as soon as it was dry, without even having the time to take a good picture of it.

On this page you can see examples of:
  • realistic commercial illustration
  • character art creation
  • graphic and logo design
  • product design
  • packaging design

Some of the work has been done traditionally, but nowadays all is done digitally, except for early sketches which I still prefer to do with pencil and paper.

It contains also some of the artwork I did when I worked at the Trias Studio.