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Disney illustration & graphic design
I started working for Disney in the early 90's.
At the time I was working in an illustration studio called Trias in Antwerp, mostly doing realistic illustrations and black and white photo retouching with airbrush and paintbrush.
In the evening and weekends I also did some freelance work with my airbrush, I did mostly signs and custom paintings on vehicles then.
We had one Disney licensee in the studio as a client for whom I painted some Disney posters. I liked this kind of work and decided to get in contact with the Disney office in Brussels to show them my work.
Apparently they liked what they saw and they started to send licensees looking for artwork my way.
Gradually I got more and more clients and in 1996 I decided to leave the illustration studio in Antwerp and try it on my own as a freelancer.

Since then we have been doing illustrations and product design for Disney and their licensees until today.

Below you can see some examples.

Nowadays almost everything is created and painted on the computer, using an Apple Computer, Wacom Cintiq 21UX (pressure sensitive screen tablet), Adobe and Corel Painter software.

Over the years I created dozens of Disney airbrush paintings, and not all of them got back to my studio.
Many of these were used for different clients and purposes.
Go the the disney archive to see these genuine hand painted Disney artworks.