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Disney archive
In this section you can see a large part of the disney artwork I created over the years.
All the artwork on this page is hand painted with airbrush and paintbrush, no computer was involved.
Actually these were all done in the nineties, when the computer was not yet used so much for illustrations like this.
I used acrylics and gouache on high quality heavy Schoellershammer paper.

The procedure for these paintings were this:
  • first a pencil sketch was created (rough and pencil cleanup)
  • the pencil drawing was sent to disney for approval, and if necessary corrections were made
  • then the final approved pencil drawing was carefully redrawn on the Schoellershammer paper using a light table
  • the drawing was covered with masking foil
  • all the parts of every character were cut out with a fine scalpel
  • each part was airbrushed while the masks were removed and put back, also loose masks were used in the process
  • when the character art was done the mask was removed and a new mask to protect the painted character was applied and cut out
  • then the background was airbrushed and painted
  • with all the masks removed, the characters colors were touched up to unify them better in the background
  • the colored line art was applied with gouache and a paintbrush
  • the final art was sent to Disney for approval, and adjustments were made if asked by Disney

As you can see this is a long and labour-intensive work, but I loved to do it.
I had a lot of fun doing these paintings, and getting good comments from Disney and clients afterwards was very rewarding.

In this time I worked often on illustrations to be used for the merchandising for the "Disney film of the year", like Lion King, Pocahontas, etc...
In this case all the products had to be in the stores by the time the movie was released. So I had to start work while the movie was not finished yet, based on style guides and screenings supplied by Disney.

Nowadays all this kind of work is done on the computer, simply because it is faster and adjusting is easier because it is possible to work in layers.
As much as I also like digital painting, sometimes I miss doing this old style of work...

The last movie I did traditional airbrush paintings for was Mulan.
From then on all the work was done digitally.

Some of the standard character artwork is not in style anymore with the styles used today, but as this is an archive, I let them in.

Some of these drawings are still available for licensing for Disney Licensees. If you are a licensee and are interested in using one or more of these artworks for your products, send me an inquiry for availability.

The archive album below is rather large, but the thumbnails provide easy and fast navigation.