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I started as an airbrush illustrator and custom paint artist and worked for several years in TRIAS illustration studio in Antwerp, while doing freelance work and custom painting on cars and motorbikes at home. I won several awards for my custom airbrush work on cars and motorbikes.

In 1996 I left the studio and started on my own as a freelance illustrator and designer. At that time, most of my work was hand drawn and painted illustrations. (Mainly for Disney and their licensees.) A lot has changed since then, and most of our work is now done on the computer using Macs, Wacom Cintiq, Adobe software, Painter, and other software. Working on the computer has become faster and easier to edit than traditional painting on cardboard. Nowadays we do almost everything like illustration, painting, photo retouching, logo design, packaging design, product design, cd cover design, etc...

Some of the clients we worked for are Disney, Frajodis, Studio 100, Tupperware, Panda, Tribeco, Donau Design, Lotus Bakeries, Mediamind, Nicotoy, Carta Mundi, Adimex, etc...

Due to confidentiality agreements it is not always possible to show our most recent work on this website.



Disney art & design
Disney illustration, product and packaging design.
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Disney archive
an overview of mostly traditional Disney airbrush illustrations.
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Studio 100
Character and background art, product design.
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Other licensed artwork
Character art, Style Guide development, product & packaging design.
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Commercial artwork
Realistic illustration, character art, product & packaging design, logo design, photography and photo retouching.
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CD cover design
Cover illustrations, photo retouching and booklet design and layout.
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Sketches, concept art & speed painting
Real life drawing, pencil and ink sketches, concept art studies, digital illustration on Cintiq and iPad.
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Digital portrait painting
Commissioned portraits of people and animals.
Large prints on various media.
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Drybrush portrait painting
Portrait oil paintings in dry brush technique on watercolor paper.
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Drybrush Disney painting
Drybrush artist interpretations of Disney characters.
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Airbrush custom painting
Airbrush paintings on cars, motorcycles and helmets.
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Acrylic airbrush paintings.
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