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Studio 100 illustration & graphic design
For Studio 100 we did a lot of airbrushed character art based on existing style guide material or pencil sketches by the studio's artists.
This artwork is used by the studio for various purposes (styleguide, website, products,...) and for their licensees consumer products.

I also did the large painted sky backgrounds for Studio 100's indoor theme park Plopsaland Indoor in Hasselt (Belgium).
These were painted in Photoshop and then printed on large canvas.

I also work directly for licensees of Studio 100 and designed lots of products.

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K3 Alice in Wonderland
Early 2011I collaborated on the K3 Alice in Wonderland show, the first musical in the world that uses stereoscopic 3D projection for the backgrounds.
I did a a large part of the digital background paintings in Photoshop, which were then mixed with additional 3D elements and animations.
The depths in the scenes were painted on different layers which could be repositioned by the compositors team. In the show you can see that is also possible to alter the lighting of the scene (like a sunrise for example, or a sky turning dark with stormy clouds).

Art Direction: Stefaan Haudenhuyse
Concept Art: Piet De Koninck
Pencil Layouts: Marcus Hoogveld

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